CLARITY - Diffuser Oil Blend

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CLARITY - Diffuser Oil Blend

CLARITY - Diffuser Oil Blend

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Home The Diffuser Oils are an amazing way to make your rooms smell divine! Place a few drops of this into an oil burner or an electric diffuser and wait for your favourite aroma blend to be all over your room.

The Clarity blend combines Lavender that helps with respiration and productivity, the mood lifting citrusy aromas of Orange Oil and the calming floral notes of Ylang Ylang to provide a blend that freshens your surroundings to aid with concentration.

Relax, improve your concentration and focus with the Clarity blend.

Key Ingredients: Ylang ylang oil, orange peel oil, patchouli leaf oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil.

How to Use: Add 3-10 drops of the diffuser oil to your preferred difuser - three for a lighter scent, ten for a stronger and somewhere in between for a moderate scent.

This product has been specifically formulated to enhance your emotional self-care rituals, through its combination of softer scents. This is the perfect scent to promote the energies from within to connect with self-love

This product has been specifically formulated to enhance your psychological self-care rituals, through the creation of a space that enables learning and relaxation.





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